Our Mission

Our Mission is to make good quality clothes available to each and everybody at affordable prices.

Quality clothes don’t need to be expensive!

That’s why we hunt for branded clothes at bottom prices – for you!

Our Approach

Our approach is to scan the market for the top brands of clothes – which are marked down or on sale. We offer those deal direct to you – to enjoy best value clothes.

Our Story

We are a group of skillful fashion enthusiast who values good products.  We do feel, however, that most of the branded products are far expensive which put the clothes out of reach of most people in public. We have decided to combine our skills, split the effort and hunt the markets for those branded bargains.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is that …

Quality People need Quality Clothes

… and we endeavor to make that happen.

“He’s wearing boots, a kilt, and a long-sleeve tee. No coat, even though it’s December. Beautiful people don’t need coats. They’ve got their auras to keep them warm.”
― Jennifer DonnellyRevolution